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Danyiel's Journal

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  2005.09.09  21.51

I've come to notice I don't have a best friend. o_o Kinda sad.


  2005.09.08  14.36
Comm help

I need some help. I'm making a community for Japanese street fashion and I need help with graphics. I want a BG of Shou because he screams fashion if you ask me. I even have the picute I want used. Nothing to fancy really I just can't remember all of the codes. So whoe ever did this for me would be my graphics mod. =DD KTHX
Love you all X* MWAH!


  2005.08.25  00.58

Join you whores! XDD Come on.. Jrockers at sea HELL YEAH XDDDD


  2005.08.11  22.19
Help wanteddd

I need help with graphics for a porn fansite o_o;;;; Those who can help.. .... HELP MEEE =DDD XD

>>! THANK TO URUHA AND HIROTO SEX... -points to mood-

Mood: horny

  2005.07.23  07.52

XD Go to jail?

Mood: tired

  2005.07.22  03.33

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I'm wearing something I swear! >>!
But see? XD >> I'm sorry...

You have to click to see my pretty dress!Collapse )
XD;; I love you guys for putting up with me..


  2005.07.18  20.08
Oh noes! =O

Guess what?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mood: blah